As we continue our final round of voting to find out which high school has the best school spirit in Ocean County, here's where the competition stands as of this writing:

Central Regional vs. Manchester Township

Central Regional High School and Manchester Township High School have been locked in a back and forth battle since they were first announced as the finalists on Monday afternoon.

Not only has the lead switched hands a number of times, but at one point there was literally a single vote separating the two.

As of right now (2pm on Wednesday, 10/26), Central Regional has pulled ahead of Manchester with the widest lead yet of 59% - 40%, with a vote difference making it into the hundreds.

To give you an idea of how quickly things can change though, when I first got into work today, Central Regional was ahead by only 52% - 48%.

As you know, it is by no means a done deal at this point. The voting will continue until Monday (10/31) at Noon, so there is still plenty of time for Manchester to either take the lead, or for Central Regional to start building the coffin for Manchester's hopes.

Ready to vote? You can do so right here:


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