It's a summertime tradition, boardwalk, and ice cream. Which are you choosing if you could only pick from two?

We had this "big" debate at the dinner table last night. The orange and vanilla twist, Kohr's Orange Cream (the creamsicle), or the Chocolate Vanilla twist, which would you choose. You only have these two to choose from. Which would it be. It was a huge debate between all of us. I thought it was fun and very interesting. I was surprised, well I guess not surprised, which one won at our dinner table. We love our ice cream.

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I don't think I realized that there were a lot of opinions there. I always thought the orange cream would win, hands down. Not at our dinner table. There were three that love and always eat the creamsicle cone and five of us would choose chocolate vanilla twist. It was quite the debate.

I was researching and creamsicle cone, orange-vanilla twist, is extremely popular in the summer. The chocolate vanilla twist is popular all year long. I truly believe that the creamsicle flavor reminds people of summertime and cools them down.

Any flavor that you might love, there is nothing better on a summer night than an ice cream cone. Whatever flavor that would be, enjoy every minute of it. I remember when Dad was still here with us and he loved his ice cream. I still remember him saying, "This is a good life." Every time he would eat a simple ice cream cone.

Ocean County, which is it? Creamsicle (Vanilla Orange Twist) or Chocolate Vanilla Twist if you only had two to choose from.

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