We all likely have a very long list of pet peeves and I experienced one of them this week.  There was a fairly long line to check out at my local convenience store with most people in a hurry on their way to work.  One customer had a rather large amount of “stuff” and when the clerk gives her the total she begins this long process of going through her pocket book and wallet searching for cash and change.  I’m starting to shake and almost ready to pay her bill when she finally settles this and moves on.  You know at the end you have to pay so while the clerk is ringing everything up why not have your cash ready?  Drives me crazy.

Here’s 9 more that disturb me rather greatly:

  • Calling a business or office and being greeted with “please hold” and you’re still holding several minutes later.
  • Leaving my home or office and then realizing I forgot my phone and have to go back to retrieve it.
  • Waiting for someone to pull out of a parking space and even though they know you are waiting they take their time.
  • Trying to open a new roll of scotch tape.
  • How about trying to open those little packets of ketchup or mustard…better yet the butter ones you get with breakfast.
  • Buying a book and then realizing 20 pages in you’ve already read it.
  • Forgetting my reading glasses when I really need them.
  • Getting home with your take out order and realizing it was wrong.
  • Spilling coffee on your clothes first thing in the morning on a day you have an important meeting.

To be continued because I have many more.


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