We have many beautiful spots in New Jersey, especially Ocean County.

In a recent article from purewow.com, the prettiest spots in New Jersey, one spot made it on the list from Ocean County. I was reading and reading this article and saying, Ocean County had to make this list and finally it did. Only one location in Ocean County made it to the list.

andykazie, Getty Stock, ThinkStock
andykazie, Getty Stock, ThinkStock

On this highly popular list, there are so many beautiful spots in New Jersey from Sunset Beach - Cape May, Twin Lights - the lighthouse in Sandy Hook, Sayen Gardens, Paterson Great Falls, and so many more gorgeous spots in the Garden State.

This is the most beautiful spot in Ocean County according to this NJ list.

It is Barnegat Light. From purewow.com:

Situated on the northern tip of Long Beach Island, this state park includes a maritime forest, a picnic area and ample opportunities for bird watching. The crown jewel, of course, is the historic lighthouse, which offers panoramic views of Barnegat Bay if you climb to the tippy top.

Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels

When I think of the Jersey Shore I think of Spring Lake or Ocean Grove as an absolutely gorgeous spot. Long Beach Island is absolutely lovely any time of the Year. Many of our listeners would say the one and only in New Jersey, Island Beach State Park is the most beautiful spot in New Jersey.

In this article, it also gives you places you can stay close to the beautiful spots in New Jersey from Bed and Breakfasts and hotels or motels.

Do you agree, is Barnegat Light the prettiest spot in Ocean County? It's definitely an amazing place and the location is absolutely gorgeous.

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