As the economy returns to the Jersey Shore, it is so great to see people out and about again and new businesses opening up. It's even better when a program like the Downtown Toms River Business Improvement District's incubator program helps propel entrepreneurs on their way.  I made a visit to a cool new business today and I am excited to share some great info.

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Introducing DAnderson's Custom Guitar Shop! Located at 53 Main Street in Toms River, there is no other business like this one in Ocean County.  None.

When I walked in, Dan and Ashley greeted me with warmth...and they had no idea who I was.  I didn't set up an appointment.  I just wanted to see what I'd heard about.  I learned a ton...and saw some beautiful instruments.

Credit: JB
Credit: DAnderson's Custom Guitar Shop

While their business is not about literally making noise, the quality of their work has people making noise (positive) about them and customers making noise (rock and roll) in style.  You see, their business is creating amazing, one-of-a-kind custom guitars.  As Mairin Bellack from The Downtown Toms River Business Improvement District explains that Dan, " has over a decade of experience with fretted instrument repair and restoration in addition to custom builds. Anderson is a master Luthier who is committed to providing customers with a guitar of their wildest dreams."  And you need to see some of these creations, below.

For example, Dan is a pro at creating guitars inspired by your favorite rock stars.  If you're a fan of a certain artist, Dan can create a masterpiece matching your vision.  He can modify colors, knobs, pickups, accents, etc.  It'll match your style and even your sound preference.  Amazing!

Step Inside DAnderson's Custom Guitar Shop

Take A Tour Through Downtown Toms River

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