HOWELL — For the second time in just over a week township firefighters found themselves battling a mulch fire that grew to be a much larger problem.

Emergency responders were called to a home on Hampton Road in the Candlewood section of town on Saturday morning on a reported "small mulch fire," according to the Southard Fire Department's Facebook page. After the initial report there was a second call to the home as the fire had grown in size.

Video shared by the Howell Police Department showed the fire caused a significant amount of damage. The Howell police also confirmed at least one resident was injured leaving the home.

It was just last Sunday that the same fire department was called to the town's Newbury School for a reported mulch fire. While the building was not damaged the fire did expand to some of the playground equipment.

The Howell Township Public Schools reported that the fire was being investigated, and that the district was evaluating what the next steps for the playground would be.

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