Over the weekend some friends and I went to play bingo.  It was a one-night benefit for a charity that we were glad to support.  My hope was to have a lighthearted night of fun.  The reality, though, was I got caught up in a stressful game that raised my blood pressure!  Well, maybe that's an exaggeration, but still...the competition was intense! Juggling multiple cards and trying to keep up with the caller kept me on my toes.  And too often, I seemed to fall behind.

Next time I play, I won't buy as many cards.  Checking numbers on many games is harder than it looks, especially when the caller's going at a fast pace.  I'm clearly out of practice as it's been about 20 years since I last played.

I'm glad I revisited this game from the past.  Overall, the night WAS really fun!  I loved the friendly atmosphere and bonding that occured among table mates, people who didn't know each other before bingo started.  I enjoyed the snacks.  And I liked the feeling of stepping back in time.  It's like for 2 hours, I was immersed in something that was good for my brain, gave me a chance to socialize, and got me away from TV and the internet.

I'd like to go play bingo again sometime.  Where in Ocean County do you go to play?

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