As I write this, my dog is sitting underneath me, trembling.  It's thundering and lightning and she's scared.  I'm so glad to be here for her, offering her some comfort during this scary storm.

During this same storm, there are trembling dogs who are in shelters.  They are hoping to be rescued, but there's no guarantee they will be.  That's why I'm writing ask you to please consider adopting a pet.

The country's largest pet adoption event is happening on Saturday.  Several Ocean County rescue organizations are participating in "Clear The Shelter"s Day which you can read more about here.

That website has some really helpful information as you consider rescuing a dog.  You should use it as a tool to find out what type of dog would be a good fit for your home.  You can also read about the benefits of adopting an older dog.


As both of my dogs have been seniors, I can attest to the fact that they are wonderful. Older dogs are typically calmer.  They show their gratitude by being loyal, loving companions.  And they're already housebroken!

Adopting Caira and Taylor were two of my best life decisions.  Caira taught me to slow down and stop and smell the roses.  Taylor is a constant source of love and laughs.  Look at how I'm giggling as she's striking this cover model pose.

Every dog owner I know says the joy of having a pet way outweighs the financial costs and occasional messes.  Please consider adopting and send me a photo when you do!



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