The Today Show recently did a series about senior citizens interacting with seniors in high school.  The young ones taught the older folks how to use technology so they could video chat with their grandkids, for example.  And the golden agers were happy to show off their dance moves to the teens.  It was a really nice series about bridging generational gaps.  It drove home the point that we can all learn things from one another, no matter what our age or background.

So that got me thinking about the ways Ocean County's students get involved with senior citizens.  I'd love for you to use the Comments section to tell everyone how your teen helps older folks in the area.  Are they teaching them how to use computers, apps, and smart phones?   Are they visiting nursing homes?  And what about you senior citizens;  are you involved in any kind of mentoring program with young people?  Do you share some of your wisdom with Ocean County teens?

And what Jersey Shore schools and senior living facilities get the two generations together for Senior Prom?



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