OCEAN COUNTY — Amid nationwide rioting and unrest after the killing of George Floyd, Ocean County is a shining beacon of hope and peaceful protests.

Demonstrations remembering George Floyd and advocating against nationwide police brutality remained peaceful and 'respectful' on Saturday, according to multiple police agencies.

Hundreds of people, including Bradley Billhimer, the Ocean County Prosecutor, showed up to march in Lakewood Township, according to Lakewood Township Police. Lakewood Police Chief Gregory Meyer and Lakewood Mayor Raymond Coles also attended the march with a sign stating, "We stand as one."

"Once arriving in the center of town, the large crowd, with many different backgrounds but bonded by a common cause, gathered together in Red Square where many had the opportunity to have their voices heard," Lakewood Police said in a statement on social media.

The statement goes on to say that the gathering lasted until just after 3:00 pm and the crowd dispersed peacefully without incident.

Peaceful demonstrators also walked over the Causeway Bridge on Long Beach Island into Stafford Township on Saturday, protesting the killing of Floyd and nationwide police brutality.

Billhimer was also seen in this protest standing in solidarity, "honored to attend a peaceful march on the Causeway Bridge today to honor George Floyd and promote social justice!"

Stafford Protest (OCPO)
Stafford Protest (OCPO)

Police in Stafford estimate thousands of people showed up to march peacefully over the bridge with no significant incidents to report, "Our local organizers worked incredibly well with our department, and all of the estimated 1500(+) marchers were respectful and genuine," the Department said on social media.

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