The amount of positive Covid-19 coronavirus cases in Ocean County has risen to 1,256 in the latest tally Wednesday afternoon by the Ocean County Health Department which includes 146 new cases.

Lakewood Township has 450 of the 1,256 cases in Ocean County.

Toms River has the second most with 204, Brick has 125 cases.

We're nearly two weeks into Governor Phil Murphy's request for residents to stay home and outside of some cases of people violating the 'Do Not Gather' directive most of Ocean County is doing very well to adhere to the guidelines and be in compliance.

Ocean County Public Health Coordinator Dan Regenye explains to WOBM News that if we can get through the next couple weeks of incubation we'll start to see how social distancing has impacted the overall case count.

"Social distancing is the best tool that we have right now to get ahead of this," Regenye said. "I think if we wrap up the next 14-days or so we'll be a good incubation and a half into this meaning the incubation for the Covid-19 is about 14-days. If we can get to 21-28 days out adhering to the social distancing and everything, I think then we'll see a true impact on what we're experiencing right now in terms of numbers."

We're still a few weeks away from an estimated peak of the pandemic.

"I think you're looking well into April. There's still a lot of activity with this," Regenye said.

Here is the updated positive case count in Ocean County:

Barnegat Light2
Bay Head2
Beach Haven3
Harvey Cedars0
Island Heights2
Little Egg Harbor9
Long Beach Township5
Ocean Gate0
Ocean Twp. (Waretown)4
Pine Beach0
Point Pleasant Beach4
Point Pleasant Borough36
Seaside Heights5
Seaside Park2
Ship Bottom3
South Toms River16
Surf City1
Toms River204

*The data represented above by the Ocean County Health Department identifies the municipality or mailing address which was self-reported by the resident at the time of testing. It may not necessarily represent the municipality of residence.

Ocean County Public Health Coordinator Dan Regenye said that if you experience symptoms such as a fever, dry cough or have difficulty breathing, start by remaining calm, then call your primary care physician, insurance company and even the Ocean County Health Department.

"If they do experience any of these symptoms the major thing is not to panic but to stay informed and contact their health care provider if they have any concerns," Regenye said. "If they're working with us, and we're either self-monitoring or we're working with them to be tested...if their symptoms get worse, we would ask them not to present themselves at the hospital or their physicians office. Work with us and we'll get you to the proper level of care with the proper notice to those establishments so you can get the proper level of treatment that's needed."

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