Harbor security at Naval Weapons Station Earle takes the form of machine gun drills, May 8 through 12, in the waters surrounding the base's pier in Leonardo. Navy officials say it'll be loud enough to notice. 

Booms and Shakes at the Shore
Bill Addison PIO at NWS Earle

Information from NWS Public Affairs Officer William Addison indicates that marked Navy patrol boats and sentry towers will carry blank ammunition and laser devices in the installation's Waterfront Restricted Area in Sandy Hook Bay.

People in Leonardo, Atlantic Highlands, Belford, Middletown and at Gateway National Recreaton Area in Sandy Hook might hear the blank ammo being fired, officials said.

They emphasized the drill is part of scheduled training and readiness practice, and not a response to a threat.

The Marine Security Zone is patrolled by Navy security details and is off-limits to civilians. Violators risk prosecution.

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