Facebook and Instagram have been full of GIFs of Moms celebrating Back To School day with a big glass of wine...parents doing a happy dance, etc.  Though many kids dread the start of the new term, it's clear that many parents welcome it.

So please chime in on one or both aspects of Back To School season.  If you're happy your children are back in class, please tell us why.  Is it hard to have them around 24/7 during the summer?  Do you get tired of them complaining they're bored?

And parents who are lamenting the end of summer vacation, please also chime in.  How does the schedule of the school year compare to what you've had for the summer break?  Are you busier now with pickups and dropoffs?  Is it hard to keep track of everyone's comings and goings?  What's the best part about having the kids home over the summer?


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