Ok, you are probably saying to yourself, what is a "Sheetz"? We have never heard of them. However lately I have been hearing from others outside New Jersey who say they love a good Sheetz.

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So what is a Sheetz? it's a combination convenience store with food and coffee and serving gasoline. Oh, wait that's a Wawa! Well no, in fact, I did a little research and Sheetz came first.


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Sheetz was founded in Pennsylvania in 1952, while Wawa was founded in Pennsylvania in 1964. So which came first the Wawa or the Sheetz...it is the Sheetz.

So what's the difference between the two? not quite sure there is much of a difference, although I have never been to a Sheetz. Wawa coffee is very good so not sure I need a Sheetz...have you had their coffee? any good?

I guess also we would have to compare their menus and see who has the better food? I'm not sure Sheetz is good at "hoagies" which is of course a staple at Wawa and here in Jersey.

If you were going to put a Sheetz in Ocean County, where would you put it? What town would be the best fit for a Sheetz? maybe if we lobbied the company they would consider bringing a Sheetz to Jersey.

I have a feeling you don't see Sheetz in Jersey because Wawa is so popular and has quite a huge following here in the Garden State. I have my allegiance with Wawa :)


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