An Ocean County favorite has officially merged with a smaller Jersey Shore chain with a couple of locations back in July and it became official last week, according to a press release by the parent company.

Albertsons, the parent company of ACME Supermarkets, officially merged with Safeway back in May in 2014, but it just became official for all of the northeastern supermarkets on September 13th, “Two Albertsons divisions - Safeway/Eastern and Acme Markets - will be merging their headquarter functions, effective in the retailer’s third quarter,” the Albertsons release dated on July 1st, 2020 said.

Shortly after the merger back in 2014, speculation that Acme Markets will be changing its name to Safeway was circulating on social media - this turned out to be false. As I was scrolling on social media earlier this week, I saw a couple of now deleted posts in private groups alleging the same thing. It seems like, again, these rumors are false.

“The decision to unify the two divisions, which will now be called Albertsons’ Mid-Atlantic division, is expected to offer greater efficiency and provide a stronger platform for growth,” the press release said.

It just goes to show that not everything you see on social media is correct. It’s funny because I instantly knew when I saw the posts that it can’t be true. It just wouldn’t make sense - and not only that but it makes people who work there very anxious for no reason. The merger is only putting 95 people out of work, all of which are offered another position in the company. It is unknown if any of these employees reside in New Jersey, but the press release alludes to that change just being at the new corporate headquarters in Malvern, Pennsylvania.

Acme Markets has locations in Seaside Heights, Manahawkin, Barnegat, Tuckerton, and Long Beach Township.

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