This morning, as I put on my foundation, blush, shadow, eye liner, lipstick and mascara, I wondered why I do this every single day.

When I wash it off at the end of the day I think I actually look better.  So what is this obsession/addiction I have with make up?

I tried on my moms red lipstick when I was 5.  That’s where it started.  I remember turning 16 and actually being able to wear it without getting in trouble..I can still hear my father yelling, “wash that crap off your face”! Crap? Daddy…this lipstick costs 6 dollars!    I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for so long.

The daily ritual takes time…and skill…and it’s high maintenance.  There’s always a new look or color you want to try.  I’ll tell you my age…I’ll even tell you what I (gasp!) weigh…but I will never admit to  how much I’ve spent on makeup over the years, most of which is impulse buying, used once and thrown into the box of discards.

I will skip lunch if I only have enough for the newest pink lipstick.  I have my priorities.  I’ve spent a night or two at the station during blizzards over the years.  I may have forgotten to pack  food, but always remembered my makeup bag.  A girls got to have mascara, even in a snow storm.

Every Monday morning I say, today, I will go to work without makeup.  Hasn’t happened yet.  Maybe next Monday.

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