As you saw in Sue's blog post, today is National Lipstick Day. I'm going to mark the day in a strange trashing almost every tube that's in my house.  The reason?  I've been hearing more and more about how cosmetics have a limited shelf life.  Most experts say lipstick should be discarded after a year or two.  Brace yourself:  some of my lipsticks are 10 years old!

The problem with loving lip color is that I've bought a lot of it over the years.  Maybe it's because I've always been pale and felt I needed it to make me look more healthy.  Whatever the reason, the result has left me with dozens of shades of lipstick and that's why each tube has lasted so long.  It's not like I'm using the same product each day so I won't run out in a year's time.

So later today, I'm going to collect all my old cosmetics, and dispose of them with thanks for being with me all these years.

It's time to start fresh and pay more attention to makeup shelf life to keep the stuff looking its best and to keep those nasty bacteria from growing over time.

If you're interested in learning more about the average life span of cosmetics, here's a good article from the smart fun folks who write those "For Dummies" books:

Do you have some old cosmetics laying around too?  Are you using them or are they just sitting in your drawer or makeup bag?


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