A Monmouth County woman is suing TJ Maxx after being handed a receipt that identified her by a vulgar sex nickname.

Kelly Dillon, of Long Branch, said the Eatontown store in January gave her a return receipt with her name and "D*** lover" — referring to a vulgar term for a penis — printed on it.

“The manipulation of our client’s data reflects a significant data breach which should alarm all of Defendant’s customers. If any sales associate can access and alter personal information, it raises the specter of identity theft, fraud, and worse," attorney Joshua Bauchner said.

The case, filed in Superior Court, is in settlement negotiations.

"It is disappointing, if not shocking, that they have not taken greater steps to protect against this misconduct,” given that TJ Maxx was hit by one of the largest data breaches ever, Bauchner said.

In March 2007, TJ Maxx said at least 46 million customers' credit cards had been compromised. Months later, court filings doubled the number of victims, to at least 94 million TJX customers.

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