New Jersey’s anti-red light camera pilot program crusader has presented video evidence that he says proves the entire program is a sham and should be shut down.

Assemblyman Declan O'Scanlon
Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon (R) at press conference in Tinton Falls introducing red light camera data (Declan O’Scanlon via Twitter)

During a press conference this morning in Tinton Falls, Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon presented several high tech video clips of red light camera intersections all over the state that have shorter yellow light times than they’re supposed to.

That’s leading to a dramatically higher number of red light camera tickets being issued.

“It didn’t occur to me initially that towns would try to shave time off their yellow lights, because – how stupid and greedy, it’s just almost beyond the pale,” said O’Scanlon.

He also said the credibility of the red light camera program was on life support.  "We’re now going to pull the plug on the last shred of credibility that this program could purport to have. This isn’t just an indictment of the intersections that we found had short yellows- it’s an indictment on the way the whole program is run and operated.”

O’Scanlon said it’s obvious that the red light camera companies “don’t give a damn about safety – they use safety as a veil to cover their hand reaching in our pockets.”

He calling on the New Jersey Department of Transportation officials pull the plug on the red light camera pilot program immediately.

Video Clip #MunicipalityIntersectionCross StreetSteady Yel.Listed Yel. TimeVIMEO


UnionRt 82509 (Morris)3.892 Sec4.00 Sec


Union509 (Morris)Rt 82/Left Turn2.895 SecMin. 3.0 Sec


Jersey CityRt. 1-9Sip3.753 Sec4.00 Sec


Jersey CityCommunipaw AveJFK2.820 Sec3.00 Sec


NewarkMarketRaymond3.872 Sec4.00 Sec


SpringfieldRt. 82Maple3.861 Sec4.00 Sec


SpringfieldMaple NBRt. 822.903 Sec3.00 Sec


Roselle ParkRT 28 (Westfield Ave)Locust Street3.864 Sec4.00 Sec

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