LAKEWOOD - The Manchester man accused of hospitalizing four Jewish men in an anti-Semitic crime spree had numerous profanity-laced outbursts in court Wednesday.

Ocean County prosecutors said 27-year-old Dion Marsh started the rampage on Friday by assaulting the driver of a Toyota Camry and taking the vehicle.

Marsh then used the car to run over three pedestrians throughout Lakewood and Jackson over the course of several hours, according to officials.

Prosecutors said Marsh also got out of the car in one of the attacks and stabbed an Orthodox Jewish man with a serrated kitchen knife.

The Lakewood Scoop identified this victim as Tzvi Aryeh.

He has been hospitalized in critical condition, but was expected to survive.

Judge Guy Ryan recommended Marsh not say anything on the record or use profanity during the virtual hearing in Ocean County court. Marsh had his own plans, as News 12 reported.

Car involved in a carjacking in Lakewood 4/8/22
Car involved in a carjacking in Lakewood 4/8/22 (The Lakewood Scoop)

One interjection came after Ryan read-off the attempted murder and bias intimidation charges against Marsh.

"Let me tell you something," Marsh said. "I'll let you give me that one."

As the hearing went on, his comments became more obscene. Judge Ryan asked the court to mute him for his "unruly and vulgar behavior," but Marsh continued to speak. It is unknown what he said.

Later, the judge asked Marsh if he understood his rights.

"Are you talking to me or my f***ing attorney now?" Marsh said. The judge confirmed he was speaking to Marsh.

"Then f***ing address me next time," Marsh responded. "Yeah, I f***ing know my rights."

Ambulance responds to scene of a carjacking in Lakewood 4/8/22
Ambulance responds to scene of a carjacking in Lakewood 4/8/22 (The Lakewood Scoop)

It's reportedly not the first time the accused attacker has made inflammatory statements. Marsh was accused of making hateful comments before and after the attacks.

Court documents obtained by showed Marsh told his family "it's going to be a bloodbath." And in interviews with detectives, he is accused of calling Hasidic Jews "the real devils."

His next court hearing is set for Wednesday, April 20.

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