New Jersey consumers who bundle their auto and home insurance coverage from the same company receive an average discount of $283 per year according to a survey released Wednesday by

Ingram Publishing, Thinkstock

"Consolidating your insurance policies with a single company is one of the easiest ways to save money," said Laura Adams, a senior analyst at, in an emailed press release Wednesday.

Nationally, the savings average is $270.  Louisiana has the highest savings at an average of $505, followed by Oklahoma ($468), Texas ($435), Mississippi ($422) and Missouri ($366).  The lowest bundling savings is in Hawaii, where consumers only save an average of $116.

Adams said regional and state differences are attributed to different regulations and higher risk factors in certain regions. For example some coverage in so-called tornado alley of the Midwest is higher for home insurance.

"The savings you can get from bundling really do vary from state to state," Adams said.

The average savings for combining car and homeowner's insurance is 15 percent.  People who bundle their car and renter's insurance save about 8 percent.

New Jersey ranked 17th in the nation for the highest savings realized from bundling.





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