Being called “old school” as I often am is not an insult, at least not to me although the person using it may be doing so for a negative reason. I’ll admit to being “old school” but it my case it’s because I am a traditionalist when it comes to some things being done the way they were in the past, especially when it comes to sports.

Last night I was pretty excited to watch the first round of the NFL Draft from Cleveland with thousands of people in attendance.  The draft was scheduled to start at 8 o’clock but if you turned it on at that time you were greeted by the Kings of Leon singing their last hit song from more than 10 years ago.  I don’t dislike them but I am sure I was in the majority who was watching not to hear a rock band but rather NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell receive his annual chorus of boos as he opened the draft.

Those who watch the draft are real sports fans…this is not the Super Bowl where among the many viewers are those who don’t know a first down from a safety.  So why does the NFL make us wait 20 minutes before the draft actually began?  Every sports broadcast is too long to begin with…do we have to pad it with more fluff to kill time and air commercials?

Yes I am old school and I liked it when the draft was about the players.  Now it’s more like a Broadway production with Goodell playing the lead which he is not very good at.  The supporting cast made up of adult fans (fanatics) dressed up in flamboyant outfits of their favorite teams is more interesting although you really have to wonder about some of them.  Rounds 2 and 3 of the draft are tonight…I hear “Black Pumas” will be performing at some point.  I thought they were sneakers

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