UPDATE (2/11): Behold! A brand new trailer! Watch the latest trailer for Batman v. Superman above.

The second Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer premiered during Jimmy Kimmel Live last night (December 2), ramping up the excitement for the DC heroes' blockbuster. The clip opens with Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent trading barbs about each other's alter egos with Affleck, who'll play Batman for the first time in the film, likening Superman to The Joker as they're both "freaks dressed like clowns." A classic superhero burn.

They're interrupted by experienced charming-nerd portrayer Jesse Eisenberg as a charming nerd version of Lex Luther, and then the scene gives way to more tastes of what's to come: Holly Hunter as a Senator, Amy Adams' Lois Lane and Jeremy Irons as a dashing Alfred, plus the main event of two iconic DC heroes locked in epic battle. We also get a peek at Michael Shannon as General Zod and another (AWESOME) look at Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Watch above, and start counting the days until March 25th, 2016.

Kevin Winter, Getty Images
Kevin Winter, Getty Images

DC Comic's hottest new movie is Batman v. Superman—and this newly released trailer has everything: Superman (Henry Cavill) at a court hearing, Bruce Wayne/Batman (Ben Affleck) running towards Wayne Tower as it crumbles to dust, Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) waving a sword, and Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg looking more like The Riddler in a bad wig tbh) chanting a silly Revolutionary War-referencing pun.


The extended official trailer for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice was released by Warner Bros. during the film's panel at Comic Con this weekend. The trailer offers a much deeper look at what's to come from the decidedly dark superhero flick, which will finally let fans see DC's two core heroes—godly extraterrestrial do-gooder Superman and brooding billionaire-turned-vigilante Batman—go head-to-head in the ultimate battle of caped crusaders.

Excitingly, the clip also features appearances by other famous comic book characters that will be key players in the story, including Superman's love Lois Lane, his nemesis Lex Luthor (though again, that hair is throwing us off big time), and yes, even the much-anticipated Wonder Woman. Hopefully her appearance in this film will usher in Wonder Woman's own movie, as well as more films with superheroine leads. (We really need a Catwoman redo. Sorry, Halle Berry.)

In addition, the trailer also gives some hints as to where the story might head: Doesn't it look like Superman, with his laser-beam eye powers, is the one behind the collapse of Bruce Wayne's building? We'll let you watch the clip, above, to see if you can find some more clues.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters on March 25, 2016.

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