I was riding a NJ Transit train the other day and was very entertained by the conductor.  He was making conversation with passengers, asking where they're from.  He would then tell them a fun fact about their town.  From him I learned the origin of some community names in North Jersey.

Because he piqued my curiosity, I searched and found an interesting site about the name origins of many places in Jersey.   It's pretty obvious that Ocean County got its name because of its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean.  But what about a place like Stafford?  The article says its name harkens back to Staffordshire, England.   And Brick and Wall?  (Names which first made me chuckle when I first moved to Jersey) According to that site, both were the last names of men; The origin had nothing to do with construction or building materials.

The list is easy to use.  Just click the letter of the alphabet and you'll see town names and information about each.  You might think the Hoboken and Ship Bottom entries are interesting.  See which other names you're surprised by.

What's the origin of the town where YOU live?

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