Grab a cup of coffee because we are going to talk about one of the most iconic desserts not only here in New Jersey, but around the nation and perhaps around the world as well. Lovefood did a recent article talking about some of the most iconic desserts around the nation and for us here in New Jersey, they selected the cannoli as our pick for the Garden State. "We all know classic American treats like chocolate chip cookies, brownies and myriad pies – but each state has a stand-out dessert with a fascinating history behind it. We reveal the most famous desserts across the country, and how each came to be associated with a particular place." 


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For Myself, I was a late bloomer when it came to cannolis. I didn't care much for this classic dessert until I was a bit older and my taste for these delicious treats changed. I wonder if for many they appreciated cannolis more as an adult or did you loved them as a child? Cannolis has a unique taste and for me, it was something I started enjoying much more as an adult. Sangria Señorial Sangria Señorial



If you are looking for the best cannolis in New Jersey, Tasting Table did an article featuring the best spots around the Garden State for cannolis. Check out these bakeries for some of the best cannolis anywhere in America. Claudio Pantoni Claudio Pantoni


Lovefood said "Leave the gun, take the cannoli," Clemenza tells Rocco in The Godfather. It's a phrase entrenched into cinematic history and as it happens it was also filmed in New Jersey. The crunchy, crisp cylinders of cream he was referring to reflect the state's rich Italian-American heritage. Originating from Sicily, cannoli have firmly established themselves as the must-buy treat from any Italian bakery in New Jersey." Abstral Official Abstral Official



Where do you get your favorite cannolis? Don't hold out on us, let us know lol By the way did I mention grabbing a cup of coffee?


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