Halloween is soon and Halloween candy is out, so why not talk about our favorite Halloween candy in New Jersey.

Thank goodness Candy Corn is not New Jersey's favorite Halloween candy..."Sorry" if it's your favorite. New Jersey's favorite candy is the Tootsie Pop. "How many licks does it take?" Florida loves their Snickers. California loves their Skittles, too. From Reese's Peanut Butter Cups to Twix, check out America's Favorite Halloween Candy.🍭🍬 Thanks to candystore.com for this information:


Candy Corn is loved in New Mexico, North Dakota, and more. Candy Corn is not my favorite and so many of you in Ocean County say you love it. Candy Corn is a "huge" Halloween candy. When we see Candy Corn, we think Halloween.

Candy Corn lovers did you ever think of "Turkey Dinner Candy Corn"? It's a real thing, WOULD YOU EVER TRY THESE. Here's the article on twitter, @usatoday:

From a recent poll we did:

Candy Corn is the #3 favorite Halloween candy in Ocean County.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are the #2 favorite Halloween candy in Ocean County.

And....the #1 favorite Halloween candy in Ocean County is Snickers.

The Turkey Dinner Candy Corn is available in stores now through Thanksgiving. Will this new Candy Corn be a favorite of Ocean County? Inside the bag, green, brown, white, yellow, and many other flavors for everything you find with your turkey dinner for Thanksgiving. Will you give it a try?

Will next year's Favorite Halloween Candy be Turkey Dinner Candy Corn, I sort of doubt it?

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