Now this is a gig that I wouldn't mind signing up for - finding the best pizzerias in each of New Jersey's 21 counties.

Sure, you'll put a couple miles on the car (and a couple inches on your waist), but eating your way through the Garden State's pizza landscape? Sign me up!

That's what's food writer did, and presented the 2019 results just this week.

To be fair, it can't be an easy job.

In Ocean County alone, picking a single best pizza place would be a challenging assignment.

But one had to come out on top, and according to the list, Ocean County's best pizzeria is:

Brooklyn Square Pizza in Jackson

According to food critic Peter Genovese, the South New Prospect Road pizzeria isn't only the best in Ocean County, but the best in the whole state, saying:

Brooklyn Square Pizza is tops in the entire state, winning our N.J.'s best pizzeria showdown last summer. The Upside Down Square, shown in the photo, is one of the state's best Sicilians, and the Peter's Special (a Grandma pizza) and the Honeymoon (imported pepperoni and honey) are highly recommended.

There's good news too, if you don't feel like driving out to Jackson to try a pie - Brooklyn Square Pizza also has a location on Hinds Road in Toms River, and for our Monmouth County friends, they can hit up the restaurant on Wilson Ave in Manalapan.

You can check out the full list of each of NJ's 21 best pizzerias by county by clicking here.

What do you think, does Brooklyn Square deserve the honor?

Which local pizzeria would you name as tops? Click here to join the conversation on our Facebook page!



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