It was a week's worth of changes, pushes for change, and happiness and joyful stories in the midst of some tragedy and unfortunate events happening in Ocean County, Monmouth County, and the state of New Jersey this week.

The Murphy Administration is adding another chapter to reforming police and law enforcement in New Jersey by now mandating that they carry special licenses to be on the force and to hold them accountable to prevent officers who are in trouble from transferring to another department.

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The tight restrictions and mandated laws put into place on law enforcement over the last few years have led to a spike in crimes, 6,200 prison inmates being released early from behind bars, and fewer members of law enforcement staying longer on the force/retiring early and is causing men and women from even joining the force and going to the police academy because of the restrictions on law enforcement in New Jersey as enrollment numbers are down.

On a happier note, there is a special birthday presentation being planned for a Brick Township man and World War II Veteran this summer as Frank Spital gets ready to celebrate turning 100 years old.

There was a lot that happened in the News this week, here's a look at what you may have missed and/or a recap of happenings across the Jersey Shore and the Garden State.

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