Driving in New Jersey.

Every time we get behind the wheel it's an adventure, and it's not always a pleasant one.

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How many times has a fellow Jersey driver done something stupid and you think or yell out "where did you learn to drive?!"

It is amazing how there are so many people on our roads that managed to pass a driving test.

I'm talking about both the written and behind-the-wheel exams.

According to NJ.com, just less than 300,000 would-be drivers take the written 50-question MVC test, and about 30-percent fail.

GMAC did a National Driver's test in 2011, and Jersey didn't fair too well.

Only three states scored lower than The Garden State and that was Maryland, Hawaii, and Washington D.C.

How long has it been since you took your written exam? Do you think you could pass a basic test?

Below are real questions from an MVC driver's exam.

See the question and then scroll to see the answer in green.
Good luck and drive safely!

Can You Pass This Simple New Jersey Driver's Test?

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