New Jersey drivers have made another "Top 10" list, but this time it may not be the kind of list we wanted to appear on. has ranked Garden State drivers fourth on their list of the worst drivers in the country. says they put the list together by looking at "number of drivers, DUI arrests, people killed, google trends in speeding tickets and percentage of people who have auto insurance."

It seems like two states usually appear on these lists: New Jersey and Florida. So it is no surprise that Florida drivers were ranked number one on this list. Interestingly? found that "Floridians google “speeding tickets” and “traffic tickets” more than any other state."

As for New Jersey's fourth place ranking on the list can largely be blame on highway fatalities. They found that we have the second most deaths per driver at 0.62. That is a pretty frightening statistic.

However, the study doesn't seem to factor in the insane amount of out state drivers (from all places) that we have every day. That's not an excuse (especially when looking at something as serious highway fatalities).

You can check out the complete list here.

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