Today (July 27th) is National New Jersey Day! and today we are celebrating living in New Jersey by asking YOU what do you love or hate about the Garden State?

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I have lived in New Jersey my whole life, but I've traveled and I still think New Jersey is the best state, yes I know some may disagree....but Jersey has a little bit of everything. Beaches, forests, mountains, cities, suburbs etc. Lots of beautiful country roads and highways connecting to Philadelphia and New York City. Take a trip to Highpoint and mountain climb or be at sea level on some of the best beaches anywhere in the nation. Jersey has it all. Cornfields and city streets. Densely populated neighborhoods and places that seem completed isolated. Gambling in Atlantic City, The Statue of Liberty and Washington’s Headquarters. History is everywhere, New Jersey was the 3rd state to enter the union …. December 18, 1787

We asked you to list one thing you love ❤️ and one thing mad 😡 you don't love so much, about New Jersey.

  • Jennifer: Love the beaches. Dislike the Governor
  • Linda: Love living by the beach, as well as our favorite radio station, and hate the winter weather.
  • Christine: One thing I love… the boardwalk in the summer. It’s beautiful! One thing I hate… def snow!
  • Barbara: Love all of the field grown veggies. Hate the taxes!
  • Linda: Highly dislike traffic and people blowing through the red lights are horrendous. Disappointed how people are still home collecting while businesses are suffering.
  • Donna: Pork roll. Hate the property taxes
  • Jeanne: The “ Garden State” has the best of both worlds:beaches, lakes, mountains and quaint towns. I don’t like how “out of staters” bash it all the time.
  • Kim: Love the Pine Barrens, hate the taxes!!
  • Amy: Are you sure you wanna go there!!!! I love so much about this beautiful state. We have everything. Beaches parks mountains oceans lakes… Amusements… I could go on and on and on. What do I hate?? OUR GOVERNOR
  • Crys: 🌊 + 🍕 = 💜 ... ❄ = 🖕
  • Liz: The Best of everything, lakes mountains, ocean, cities, farms. Not to mention the best food & people. The worse thing people from out of state especially ones that have never lived in New Jersey bashing it.
  • Bud: Love All areas of NJ, hate the Free Handout Welfare State
  • Deborah: Love the water, hate the traffic

Happy New Jersey Day ! 

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