You can feel it in the air...every year as we get closer to fall and our kids get ready to go back to school, there is an energy of preparation, nerves, excitement and of course glowing-white back to school sneakers.  This year there's more, there is a heaviness hanging over us as we wait for an announcement that will spark much controversy. Gov. Phil Murphy is expected to announce a mandate which will enforce all New Jersey teachers getting vaccinated against COVID-19 before returning to school.

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Word is, we'll hear something by today or Monday at the latest from Gov. Murphy.  He has to make the announcement soon if he is going to because we are closing in on the first day of school and the vaccine needs it's two week cycle.

This variant is a game changer. Kids are getting this one, kids without pre-existing conditions. My husband and I got our vaccine right away but I held off on my daughters just to have more data.  Well, now there is a new version of this virus and I made the decision to get my 16 year old her vaccine last week.  I'm not playing with this variant.

My youngest can't get it yet and our pediatrician said to wait for the little ones to let more information come out anyway so that's what we'll do. This is all so crazy, I know three people who are fully vaccinated who got the variant this week. Who knows what to do anymore?  I'm still airing on the side of as much protection as possible.

If Gov Murphy goes through with it, New Jersey would be the third state to mandate COVID-19 vaccines for teachers, following California and Washington.

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