If you registered for the COVID-19 vaccine through the NJ Department of Health, check your email because individuals in Group 1C are being notified to make appointments.

Have you noticed a bunch of people on your social feed mentioning that they got "the email?" It's true. I was hearing from a lot of people in Group 1C last week saying that they got instructions from the State on how to make an appointment for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Wouldn't you know it on Sunday morning, I got my email.

Matt Ryan, Townsquare Media
Matt Ryan, Townsquare Media

Important information:

  1. The email notifying you that you are eligible to schedule an appointment to receive the vaccine will come from "NJ Department of Health." The email address will be no_reply@doh.nj.gov. If the email is not from this address, it's potentially a scam and you should delete it.
  2. When you click the link that says "CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT" you will be directed to the NJDOH website and will be asked to provide your date of birth as verification.
  3. From there you will be given a list of vaccination locations to choose from. I'll tell you right now, don't waste your time trying to find a spot at any of the small locations near you. The wait is well into May in many cases. Your best bet is to check availability at one of the State's vaccination "supersites." Unfortunately, all of them are a bit of a hike for most of us in Monmouth and Ocean.
  • The Meadowlands Complex in East Rutherford, Bergen County.
  • Rockaway Townsquare in Morris County.
  • The New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center in Edison, Middlesex County.
  • The Moorestown Mall in Burlington County.
  • Rowan College of South Jersey in Sewell, Gloucester County.

Once you've made your appointment, you'll get a confirmation email that looks like this.

Matt Ryan, Townsquare Media
Matt Ryan, Townsquare Media

Now, I've heard from some people in Group 1B that they haven't gotten an email. I would just keep a close eye out. Also, don't be frustrated if your appointment isn't for at least 4-6 weeks or longer. That's just the reality of the situation. I'll let you know how it goes when I get my first shot.

If you haven't registered with the State to get the vaccine and you're interested, go to https://covidvaccine.nj.gov/

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