A new Tourist Oriented Destination Sign program has been launched by the state Department of Transportation and the Department of Agriculture.

Flickr User Andy Mc
Flickr User Andy Mc

New Jersey Secretary of Agriculture Doug Fisher says the program allows for folks "to find agricultural venues, where they can enjoy the activities of the 4 seasons on the farm…The signs will direct folks to all different kinds of agri-tourism sites, so it could be going onto the farm to do crop mazes and pick your own…It directs them to farms so they know where they can go to do on-farm activities, but also purchase on-farm product."

He says, "It's a very big help to the farmers, but it's also a great opportunity for those that want to go, but they're not sure where it is - and they're reminded of that…Agri-tourism itself at last count was 60 million dollars, and that number keeps growing every single year because more and more New Jerseyans want to go out on the farm, whether it's - they are picking pumpkins right now, apple cider, right now many pick your own things. Soon it will be Christmas trees- Christmas tree farms where you choose and cut Christmas trees."

If people want to learn more about the program "and different agri-tourist activities, certainly they can go on our website- the Department of Agriculture, or NJ farms is another one."


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