Monmouth County Prosecutors have identified an 11-year old from Neptune Township as the caller who phoned in a bomb threat to the Wal-Mart SuperCenter on Route 66 Sunday around 1:07 pm forcing an evacuation and bomb-sniffing dogs being called in to investigate.

The pre-teen allegedly called in saying there was a bomb in the store and people should evacuate.

That sent in the bomb dogs from the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office, Ocean County Sheriff’s Office, New Jersey Transit Police Department, and Middletown Police Department along with the Neptune Township Police Department at the scene.

The Neptune Township Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services were also there.

A joint investigation was launched with the MCPO and Neptune Police and they were able to identify the juvenile responsible for the bomb scare phone call.

The juvenile told investigators he got the idea for the bomb hoax from an apparent YouTube video depicting a similar incident.

The pre-teen is not being identified due to his age, and his case will be handled in the juvenile court system.

“Prank phone calls about bomb threats or guns are not a laughing matter. Resources are being deployed at a cost to taxpayers. Parents have a responsibility to monitor what their children do on the Internet where these ideas can be cultivated,” MCP Chris Gramiccioni said.

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