We all have them, those old school photos that we have taken each year at school. It's fun to look at all the fashion changes that took place over the years and the hairstyles too. Everyone seems to think the early school photos are cute and cuddly and then as we age and get less motivated the pictures become less fun lol.

I think everyone has ones they love and ones they hate, whether because of their hair cut, outfit, etc. Today in honor of "School Picture Day" Sue and I are sharing photos from our 4th-grade class: Shawn's from circa 1975 and Sue's from circa 1981.

Feel free to share your old school photos and your kids' photos. Don't be shy, we all had to take them. Enjoy our look back to 4th Grade:

Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels 4th Grade circa 1975 

Sue Moll

Sue Moll 4th Grade circa 1981