Astronaut Scott Kelly has seen more of the world than most people, but what makes the West Orange native unique is that he's seen it from the confines of the International Space Station. In fact, Kelly has just set the record for spending more time in space than any other American.

Kelly's yearlong mission began in March. This past Friday, he broke the record previously held by fellow astronaut Mike Fincke, by spending more than 382 days is space. But his trip isn't over. When all is said and done, Kelly will have logged a total of 522 days in space, making him the longest continuous resident of the International Space Station, according to an article on Kelly  - whose brother Mark is also an astronaut - is the commander of the current Expedition 45 crew on the ISS.

Currently, Russian cosmonaut Gennady Padalka holds the record for the most time spent in space, with a total of 879 days. He was part of the first leg of Kelly's mission, but has since returned to Earth.

Kelly, who has a loyal Twitter following of more than 512,000 followers, greets Earthlings each day with pics taken from the ISS. His pics of everything from sunrises, deserts and mountain ranges to shots from space of football stadiums are widely shared.

NASA made the following statement regarding Kelly on its website Friday:

"International Space Station Commander Scott Kelly set a new record today becoming the NASA astronaut with the most cumulative days in space, 383 days and counting. Mike Fincke, a two-time space station resident, was the previous record holder at 382 days. Kelly is scheduled to return to Earth on March 2, 2016, for a total of 522 days in space. Meanwhile, the six-member Expedition 45 crew was working station maintenance, biomedical science and emergency training on Friday. Kelly, was inside the Kibo laboratory module retrieving two CubeSat nanosatellites from the laboratory’s porch, using the Kibo airlock."

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