Are you planning to take advantage of those Black Friday sales?  I remember the first year my sister and I ventured out.  It was a learning experience.  In case you'll be a "first timer," here are some suggestions you might find helpful:

  • Leave the bulky coat at home.  Wearing layers will be more comfortable and you won't have to lug your jacket around along with all your shopping bags.  Some stores might have the heat on full blast so removable layers will keep you from overheating.
  • Wear Comfortable Shoes.  Walking from aisle to aisle and standing in long lines takes a toll on your feet.
  • Lighten Your Load, But Pack The Essentials.  Before heading out to the stores, I clear out my purse.  I take out the stuff that I won't need (brush, flash drive, coins which add unnecessary weight.)  I add to my purse things that will keep me comfortable like hand lotion and lip balm (what is it about shopping that makes my hands and face so dry?)  I also keep a bottle of water with me, as well as some snacks for when my blood sugar gets low.  I learned my lesson years ago that feeling like you're going to pass out really takes the fun out of Black Friday.
  • Will you be out for an extended period?  Don't' forget your cell phone charger.
  • Take a photo of your list.  I'm always misplacing little scraps of paper so now I take a photo of important information (shopping list, sizes, colors, etc.)
  • Pack your patience.  The reality is there will be crowds and longer lines than usual.  No point in getting agitated.  A little extra understanding and kindness will make the day more pleasant for everyone.

What do you do to prepare for your marathon shopping day?