What will I write about today?  That's a question I ask myself every day before my air shift.  Usually the topic is clear and the words flow easily.  But today is not one of those days.

I want to say some things about the Roseanne scandal.  But I'm worried that my words will be misinterpreted and I'll start getting hate mail.  We radio personalities strive to be impartial and objective.  We know if we say anything that leans in one direction politically, we risk offending half of you that lean in the other direction.  But I am someone who strives to be honest and authentic so sometimes I take a risk and say some things that are really on my mind.  I think today is one of THOSE days so here goes:

  • Roseanne's tweet was mean.  No doubt about it.  Words like that make others think racist remarks and name calling are acceptable.  They are not.
  • I am upset that the TV show was cancelled because of this scandal.  Dozens of people in the cast and crew will be losing income because of one woman's actions.  This upset is not so much about how I'll miss the show as a TV viewer.  Surely I could find another show or other activity to fill those 30 minutes a week.
  • What I'm sad about is that the country is losing a show that I actually thought was doing some good.  For all the talk about Roseanne's support of President Trump and how the show would be one-sided, I actually found it to be very balanced.  For example, one episode had the main character assuming the new Muslim neighbors were terrorists.  But by the end of the episode she has befriended them and reprimands a store clerk for her anti-Muslim remarks.  An episode like that, I think, encourages people to see beyond their prejudice and that is a good thing. People on the left and the right were enjoying this show.  It was a huge money-maker for Disney/ABC which leads to my next point.
  • The network is making a strong statement that principle is more important than money right now.  I commend them for taking a stand and making a statement even though the cancellation will be a huge blow to their bottom line.
  • Roseanne's show reflected what's going on in families around the country.  Politics are divisive.  Siblings are disagreeing.  The episodes gave voice to people like you and me and helped us understand the perspective of the other side.
  • So how about the cast and crew stay on the job?  They could change the name of the show but keep all the great characters except Roseanne?

Thanks for letting me express those random thoughts about this topic that's very hot today.  Would you be open to a show that keeps all the characters except Roseanne?  Or do you think it's best to just cancel the whole thing?  Or do you think the show should stay on the air with Roseanne as the star?

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