I took my daughter and her friend to the new Lacey Inflatable Water Park for the first time yesterday.

Sue Moll, Townsquare Media
Sue Moll, Townsquare Media
Lacey Inflatable Water Park 4

Lake Barnegat in Lacey Township just got a little bit more exciting for the Summer of 2019. Lake Barnegat is located on Lakeside Drive and now as you drive by this little lake community you'll see a "big" yellow and blue inflatable water park in the middle of the lake.

* First thing and most important than anything I might say about it, my daughter and her friend loved it! Abby gives it a huge 2 thumbs up!

Check out this little part of the Inflatable Water Park and listen closely to Abby giggling:

* It looks really, really cool driving up to the beach along Lake Barnegat.

* There are 3 lifeguards on the inflatables.

* It's a bit pricey - Non badge holders for this beach -$15 per child --  Badge holders for the beach -$10 per child.

* Each child and adult has to wear a life jacket while on the Inflatable Water Park.

* Lake Barnegat looks beautiful - kudos to the Lacey Recreation Department for keeping it clean.

Bottom line, it's a fun day and your kids will love it! And if you're adventurous - Mom's and Dad's just might enjoy it, too!


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