We told you a number of weeks ago that tick season was early and bad this year. It's no joke. I just had a pretty scary experience.

For the last couple of days, I've had swollen glands in my neck. I figured it was just a cold or bad allergies (which are also pretty intense this year).

However, as I was going about my usual workday today, I noticed what looked like a scab on the back of my leg.

When I tried to scratch it off and it wouldn't budge, I realized that it wasn't a scab. It was a deer tick, the carriers of Lyme Disease.

Of course, I then proceeded to panic.

Thankfully, we have an urgent care clinic right down the road from our office in Toms River, so I went right over there and got in right away.

After an examination, the doctor confirmed that the tick was a deer tick.

At this point, she prescribed antibiotics and told me that I should get tested in a few weeks.

It was a scary experience, and a stark reminder that tick season is no joke.

Any time you go outside in or near wooded areas, always wear bug spray. When you get back in, always do a "tick check". It's a good idea to check again a few hours later, in case one of the parasites was on your clothes when you first checked, and later makes its way onto your body.

Click here for some tips on how to help keep your yard tick free.


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