You'd think that my mother decided to pull out a box of old toys just in time for 92.7 WOBM's Feel Good 80s Weekend.

Thanks, Mom!

My brother and I grew up right in the heart of the 80s, and we have the toys to prove it.

We were both there for the absolute height of the Star Wars craze (you know, the first time around), and man, did we play with those toys.

No, you won't find any of them preserved in their boxes in pristine condition, we played with those toys hard.

Of course, we had absolutely no idea back then that there would be the collector's market that there is today for Star Wars toys, but hey, who did?

As you can see, we also had a pretty good collection of Matchbox cars.

Again, though, they saw plenty of rough play down driveways and across sidewalks.

When I was a kid, I also liked Pez dispensers.

But, it's the same story with those, I didn't keep them hermetically sealed in their protective boxes, I played with them.

There's part of me that would love to search around and see if there's any value in that admittedly well-worn collection, so if you happen to be a 1980s toy expert and you see something in the photos below that piques your interest, feel free to shoot me a message! Just click here to reach out.

In the meantime, enjoy this walk down memory lane with some of the 1980s best toys while you listen to the 92.7 WOBM Feel Good 80s Weekend!

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