I confess. I am a girl enslaved to the trends. Fashion, electronics, makeup...I want the latest version of everything. Still, I do not get Giant Earrings. If you are a reality TV junkie like me, you've seen them on each and every Kardashian. The Basketball Wives all wear them...and any Real Housewife from New Jersey, Atlanta, New York or Beverly Hills wouldn't be caught deal without her gynornous statement earrings. Since I secretly  aspire to be just like them, I finally got myself a pair. They are amazing....fake gold...imitation gem stones... and...bonus... they sparkle. They are also heavy. Really heavy. I decided to debut them on a recent night out. When I put them on something immediately was amiss. I felt like I had attached fishing weights to my ears. Please don't ask how I know what that would feel like.  They almost reached my shoulders. I wore them for a total of 3 hours. When I got home I couldn't get them off fast enough. I swear my earlobes were closer to my neck then they were the day before. I went to sleep and had a nightmare.  I was  being pulled from one room to another,  by my ears.  Is that you Grandmom?

No more big earrings for me.