When I was listening to a mix of songs on my old laptop, I noticed something:  I was listening to some of my mother’s favorite singers.  Andrea Bocelli  and Dionne Warwick.  Hearing those voices usually makes me think of Mom and how she would stop talking or hush a conversation so she could really listen to and savor “that amazing high note.”  I do the same thing!  I’m chuckling now because apparently I have turned into my mother, as those funny Facebook memes often say.

But it got me thinking that everyone’s probably influenced by what they hear in the house growing up.  In addition to the singers mentioned above, we often had showtunes blaring.  That’s probably why I love seeing Broadway musicals so much.  And all those Glenn Miller/Big Band songs still give me the urge to get up and swing dance.

Reading interviews with famous musicians, it’s common to see them mention the albums that their parents played that influence the type of music they make today.  I guess it's just a natural thing, we learn to appreciate the music we are exposed to.

What artist of your parents’ generation do you still enjoy listening to?


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