In response to Shawn and Sue's question about our favorite "Grease" memories, I have to tell you that I saw that movie 12 times.  In the theatre.  I was truly obsessed and couldn't get enough of that film which had a perfect blend of romance, friendship, fun, great songs and energetic dancing.  This is one of just a few films that I will happily watch over and over.  "Grease," along with "West Side Story," "Love Actually," and "Airplane." But that's it.  For the most part, I'm someone who likes to have new experiences.  There's a long list of films that I'd love to see, including a bunch of previous Oscar winners.  I'd rather put my time into seeing a movie that's on my "must see" list.  What about you?  Are you a "repeat" viewer with a collection of favorite DVDs at home?  Or do you like to go out to the movies to watch something new that you haven't seen before?

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