If you were in the supermarket at the same time I was, you might have noticed I was involved in a dramatic production.  It was totally unscripted but ultimately kind of humorous, I think.

As I was in the bread aisle, I coughed.  Then I kept coughing.  You know when you just can't stop?  I went to the pocket of my purse where I keep cough drops just for times like these and it was empty.  The cold I had all week made me go through my supply.  What's a hacking woman to do?  I ran to the aisle where cough drops were on display.   I gestured apologetically to the stock clerk I almost knocked down.   I ripped open the bag of throat drops and put one in my mouth as quickly as I could.  Then, feeling like a thief, I brought the torn package up to the register.  (I did NOT liking the feeling of having just used something I didn't pay for.)  I quickly settled my debt, continued my shopping and all is well.

But the incident got me thinking about other "fits" that happened at embarrassing or inappropriate moments.  Did you ever have a coughing or sneezing attack during a formal dinner?  Did you find yourself laughing uncontrollably like Mary Tyler Moore did during the episode about the funeral?  Did a case of the coughs or giggles ever interrupt a business presentation or speech you were giving?

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