As if it wasn't a difficult enough job already, restaurant servers have had it really tough over the past year.

If one was lucky enough to still have a job during the height of the pandemic, they still had to work in an environment that was potentially hazardous. Not to mention all of the protocols and protections that made the job that much harder.

As indoor dining restrictions have eased up, more and more people are excited to eat out again. At Glenbrook Brewery in Morristown, they are happy that customers are back, but like many restaurants, they are having a hard time accommodating everyone.

The brewery has joined the group of eateries that has instituted a 90-minute dining rule. This limit has been very controversial with many very against it. Let's face it, no one wants to feel like they're on the clock when sitting down to try to enjoy a meal. However, most establishments are just doing this so everyone can get the best possible experience.

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One patron of the Glenbrook Brewery was not a fan of the dining time limit and decided to make a statement at their server's expense.

This receipt first went viral on the Morristown Stimulus Plan Facebook page and was then published on the morristown.nj Instagram page.

The nasty note from the customer reads "I'm sorry the server gets screwed on this. Don't kick paying customers out after 90 mins."

Are you fuming like I am?

First, let try to break down the logic. This customer knew they were "screwing" the server over a rule that he or she has no say over. The server is wishing to remain anonymous at this time.

Secondly, listen I get it. We are all craving for life to be normal again. But at least we are able to dine out, even at a reduced capacity. Our local establishments need all the help they can get to stay open and keep our family, friends, and neighbors employed.

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Luckily, the Morristown community is coming together and raising money for this server that got the shaft. It's the one shining light to come out of this story.

We're turning the corner and we can all see light at the end of the tunnel. Naturally, that's making us antsy to resume our regular lives. However, now more than ever we need to practice empathy.

We need to have empathy for the servers, bartenders, wait staff, kitchen staff, and restaurant owners who are just trying to make our experiences as pleasant as possible.

So the next time you're waiting for a table, or even waiting in line at a store, remember that the person serving you or checking you out is navigating this crazy world just like you and me.

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