More expense for New Jersey drivers? Or a way to pay for much needed road repairs? These are two questions that will get motorists talking here in the Garden State. The proposed idea is called "Crossroads NJ" which is an idea from a non-profit think tank "Fund for New Jersey" calls for several cost increases for drivers to help pay for projects needed by the State Department of Transportation & New Jersey Transit.

"Crossroads NJ" recommends the following cost increases to New Jersey motorists

  • Tolls on Interstate highways
  • Raising Motor Vehicle Commission fees
  • Leasing State toll roads to private operators

These moves would be added to the recent 23 cent per-gallon State gas tax which went into effect in November. No word , in the report published in, on exactly how much this will cost each NJ driver, but the price would increase.

So the question is do you think YOUR added dollars will fix the financial problems plaguing transportation here in the Garden State?

I will say NO to the increases, unless we see an exact budget and spending plan, but not "blind faith" that money will go where needed.


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