Brick Township Officials said they were in the process of shutting down its red light camera pilot program even prior to the bribery implications about program that hit the news media last week. However, making up for an estimated $640,000 annually in lost revenue is no easy feat. 

Brick Mayor John Ducey
Brick Mayor John Ducey announces the end of red light cameras at three township intersections (Townsquare Media)

Mayor John Ducey said he's set a 100-day plan in motion to find cost savings through out the township to make up for the lost revenue. He said first, they'll be looking a bringing in revenue through the municipal court system. "There currently is $650,000 worth of uncollected fines," said Ducey. "So, at no cost to the town, we had put out request for proposals (RFP) to collections agencies that will go out and collect that money," he explained.

Ducey said savings will also be realized through a number of personnel changes. "I have released the department head for the Department of Land Use and Building. I've also released the current Tax Assessor and thirdly the department head for Parks and Recreation has also been let go," explained Ducey.

During last week's press conference, Ducey said that it was clear that the red light camera's aren't about safety. In fact, Ducey rattled off statistics showing the exact opposite. He said on the intersection of Brick Boulevard and Chamber Bridge Road where the cameras were first installed, the accidents doubled.

"Prior to the cameras we had 13 total accidents and 5 right angle T-bone Accident and now with the Red Light Cameras in effect, we had 28 total and 8 right angle accidents," according to Ducey.

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