Just like you, Monmouth Park is ready for the Summer of 2021 to officially kick off.

But....there is a big rule change going into effect for this upcoming season that you may be annoyed about. But after thinking about it, I think there is a valid reason for it so bare with me.

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For the 2021 racing season, there will be no outside food or beverages allowed into the racetrack.

But that's not all....coolers in general will also be prohibited as well. That's right....BYO is officially off limits.

Here is what is written on their website: "Please note the following policies are in effect in order to insure that all of our guests have a safe, enjoyable experience at the track."

Now I am not loving this new policy either but I think I know why it is being put into place.

COVID-19 shut the entire world down and basically put our economy on hold.

People lost their jobs, businesses shut down left and right and the places that were able to remain afloat took a big financial hit.

I am thinking that Monmouth Park is hoping to make some of that money back by forcing visitors to purchase alcohol and food on sight.

And let's face it...when people go to Monmouth Park for a day, there are a lot of partiers so I am sure this tactic will help them get back on track in no time.

I am sorry if you are mad, disappointed, annoyed or whatever other negative feeling you can insert here. But Monmouth Park is a business here at the Jersey Shore and we have to support our own.

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Will it cost a bit extra this time around? Probably....but I think the end goal of getting things up and going again is worth.

Just an FYI, here are some other rules that are in place at Monmouth Park according to their website:

New Jersey State Laws:

  • State law prohibits the consumption of alcohol by anyone under the age of 21 including BYO areas
  • You must be 18 years of age to wager. Children are welcome on the grounds
  • No smoking inside of the buildings

General Policies: 

  • No gas grills or propane tanks of any kind
  • No ball playing, balloons, skateboards, or inflatable beach balls
  • Children must be attended to at all times
  • No tents allowed in the first-come, first-serve area. Tents are only allowed in the reserved picnic area
  • No beach/large umbrellas
  • No balloons of any kind
  • No pets allowed
  • Beginning July 3, 2020, ALL guests purchasing alcohol must present a valid photo ID with every transaction.  No exceptions.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Behave yourselves, kids and let's get ready to enjoy Summer!

For more information on Monmouth Park, visit their website HERE.

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